ode to oid | 2016            
julija goyd julija goyd
54°10'52.2"N 12°04'40.4"E 38°37'44.1"N 15°03'59.4"E
julija goyd julija goyd
50°58'46.2"N 11°19'24.8"E 25°21'27.7"N 56°09'08.3"E
julija goyd julija goyd
48°16'22.2"N 4°36'56.9"W 48°16'22.2"N 4°36'56.9"W
julija goyd julija goyd
52°31'12.0"N 13°24'17.8"E 42°43'45.1"N 17°51'13.6"E
julija goyd julija goyd
37°20'27.3"N 8°51'11.9"W


54°35'36.7"N 13°06'15.3"E

Ode to oid | 2016

These rocks were found in specific areas-locations where they might have been developed and shaped during certain period of time. Various shapes of stones not only speak about relation to time, but also space.
My attempt was to combine space and time into a single abstract universe titled "Oid" (greek origins "eidos" - form, idea) where cosmic-like appearance and aesthetics of photographs refer to man's desire for a reason and his vulnerability in the mystery of unknown.