women in water | 2011            
julija goyd
Julija Goyd
Julija Goyd
Julija Goyd

Women in water | 2011

The archetypical association of femininity with water imagery, nature and the sphere of unconscious ricochets here against the aesthetics of ironic and analytical detachment. These bathing nudes are captured by flashlight in awkward, spontaneous poses, and the photographic images in their sharpness and clearness move away from the esoteric and romantic sensuousness and remind unmistakably of the modern urban party snapshots with its edgy, wasted, foolish and high protagonists. This aesthetic breaks the symbolic dimension of its theme, and at the same time it seems to be aware of the obsoleteness of the woman/nature metaphor as well as of the artistic tradition of depicting this subject.
And yet, through this gesture of conscious irony, this series finds its way to the core of the modern form of feminine sensuousness, there is a poignant undertow emerging in these „happening“ situations, staged by the artist, an opening gateway for timeless utopian moments and spontaneity. The poses of women, poised in ecstatic abandon and hidden mysterious water basins, bring out the animalistic qualities of their corporeality. This series is an uncensored and pure imagery of a visceral joy of losing yourself in the moment, of plunging yourself into the flows of nature.